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Wooden mathematic set
Wooden mathematic set
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  • Fun and exciting animal learning cards that helps kids associate number with counting object and animals.
  •  Enhance children numberal concept 
  • Enhance children mathematic skills ( matching number puzzles )
  • Enhance children motor skills , hand -eye coordination 
  • Children can learn to count and numberals
  • Suitable for beginner to learn numbers 
  • Suitable for preschool, kindergarten, school , home use 
  • children to learn about the proportion
  • Watch them grow from tiny tots to towering kids
  • They'll be keen to chart their progress
  • Perfect room decoration
  • Suitable for children aged more than 12months
  • Can develops children mathematic skills ( addition and subraction skills)
  • Can stimulate children interest on mathematic ( fraction)
  • Can enhance children geometry shape and color distinguishing
  • Can enhance children motor skills ( stacking skills)
  • Can enhance children shape sorter , coloring sorting
  • Counting (Addition)
  • Couting (Subtraction)
  • Able to learn color recognition
  • Suitable for school as teaching aids , home use
  • Enhance children mathematic skills (fraction , sorting , matching)
  • Enhance children motor skills , hand -eye coordination
  • Enhance children linguistic and reading skills ( number & alphabet recognition)
  • Enhance children social and emotion skills ( group learning )
  • Enhance children motor & Visual skills 
  • Suitable for kindergarten , pre-school, centers used as teaching aids. 
  • Innovative learning tools