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Product SKU 72000036
Brand Educo, Vivaio, Spielwelle (1)
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  • Enhance children motor skills (prewritting skill)
  • Enhance Children Creative skills (imagine tools inside the box)
  • Enhance children visual skills (focusing skills)
  • Enhance children Social and emotion skills(group teaching )
  • Enhance children tactile skills ( feel with the object inside the mystery bag)

Tactillo is made by wood

Key Features

Here's a fun game specifically aimed at improving and developing both viual and tactile skills. Tactile consists of a wooden stand with 8 compartments in it. Into the stand is slotted one of 8 cards showing different shapes. The child then chooses from 32 different wooden shapes to find the right match and put it in the approprate compartments while the rest have 2 shapes per compartmnet. The make the game more difficult , the shapes can be kept in the bag provided so that the child has to seek out the right shape by touch alone. 

Card size" 48*14cm 

Box dimensions: 50* 15*6cm 

Stand size: 49 * 8cm


What's in the box

Mateirals : Wood

Accessories :

  • 8 assisignment cards
  •  32 different shapes (4 each =128shapes)
  • 1 cotton  bag
  • 1 Wooden stand (wooden box with partitions and lid)
  • All supplied in a lidded wooden box, complete with manual. Stand suppliesd separately. 
  • Card size: 48 * 14cm 
  • Box dimension : 50* 15*6cm
  • Stand size: n49* 8cm 

Packaging : Box